What if this Coronavirus is Nature’s way of Eliminating the Human Virus? (Elephant Journal)

Elyane Youssef

Editor’s note: We are not a virus, unless we act like one. Read: Basic Goodness. ~ Waylon, ed.

Renowned Indian spiritual teacher, Preethaji, spoke of the coronavirus a few weeks back.

What she said in her Facebook video might not be what we want to hear, but it’s absolutely what we need to understand.

For millions of years, every single species has had its role in the universe. However, we are the species who has done the most damage on Earth and, unfortunately, continues to do so. Preethaji eloquently explains how we kill other species for pleasure and superiority rather than survival.

Throughout all our undesirable actions, we forget the consequence. But it would seem that nature’s living intelligence does not. Perhaps, as Preethaji puts it, the coronavirus—like many natural disasters and diseases—is eliminating what doesn’t support the whole.

The death toll from the coronavirus is increasing by the day. It’s sad to see how many families and nations are affected by this tragedy. Nevertheless, in order to live a brighter future on earth, we must examine our contribution to life’s continuity.

Ask yourself today:

How are my actions affecting me and others?

Do I understand that I’m part of the whole and not a separate entity?

What can I do to create a more awakened and conscious future?”


It’s time to change our toxic habits and patterns. May this virus outbreak help us forge a healthier lifestyle and an awakened state of mind.

author: Elyane Youssef

Editor: Marisa Zocco