Bioturbation with and without soil fauna (video, Vimeo)

Bioturbation is the mixing of (plant) residues into soils and sediments by biotic activity. It is one of the fundamental processes in ecology, as it stimulates decomposition, creates habitats for other (micro)fauna and increases gas- and water flow through the soil. Here you can see a system without (left) and with (right) soil fauna such as earthworms, potworms, collembola, mites and isopods over a 15 weeks period. During this period, whereas only small fungal activity can be seen on the left side, the layer of leaves on the right side is almost completely incorporated in the soil due to the interaction between microbes, microfauna and mesofauna.

This video is part of the Soil Life in Action project. The movie can be used for education in classrooms and for lectures. For other use please contact: egmond(at)